By Soren Larson


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  The Falling Man series and other late works  
The Neighborhood series and Occupied Structures series
  Assorted works from 2000 to 2004  
  The Alone Together series and Love, Loss
  Assorted Works on Paper and Foamcore 2000 - 2007  
  The Asylum series
  The Last Supper series  
  The Moby Dick and Grand Central series
  Other works from the mid to late '90's  
Couple Between the Trees
  1990s: Assorted Works on Paper and Foamcore
  Landscapes and Still Lifes  
  Fairy Tale series

Paintings and drawings from the mid '80's through the early '90's

  Figure and Portrait Drawings

Large drawings from the early to mid 1980's

Works on Paper and Foamcore from the 1980's
  Sculpture: mid 1970's through the early 1990's  
  Mutations and other graphic works from the 1970's
  Sculpture: The late 1950's through the early 1970's        
  Selections from the sketch books  
  Works from youth or about youth