Asylum series

"Asylums are plodding along - becoming murkier and murkier. I can't wait for the pendulum to start back - but this broodiness must run its course."

"One good thing - the similarities between 'Last Suppers' and 'Asylums' become more obvious which is what I want in the long run. 'Is it a Last Supper or is it and Asylum?' Dunno mate, name your poison."

From Jan 24, 1998 letter to Soren Larson.

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Asylum Banquet, Verticle  
Asylum with Banquet
Asylum with Man in Blue  
Asylum with Two Nudes
Asylum Courtyard with White Flower  
Self Portrait as Skeptic
Asylum with Demagogue  
Asylum with Matron
Asylum with Man in White  
Asylum with Dining Hall
Renaissance Garden Party  
Asylum with Crowd in Foreground
Man Reading Between Windows  
A Quiet Place
Man at Window  
Man in Garden
The Balcony  
Three Men in Robes
Running Clown
Various Asylum Sketches
The Asylum - The Mall
Searching for Redemption (large)
Searching for Redemption (small)
In Pursuit of Happiness
Temple of Worldy Delights
Seaking Redemption  
Seaking Satisfaction (large)
Seaking Satisfaction (small)  
Seaking Release
Dark Street, Woman on Bench  
City Doorway
Mall Scene
Mall Scene  
Street Scene
Street Scene