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The Larson family would like to gratefully acknowledge the University of Maine at Orono for putting on this exhibit. Thanks especially to curator Laurie Hicks and her assistant Aya for the excellent job of selecting and presenting David's work.

We think David would have been 'tickled pink' with the results.

Twisting Figure
Bulbous Head
Head with Crooked Nose
The Comedian
The Magistrate
Family Picnic
In the Part, the Past
The Captain
The Rowers
Open Boat
Last Supper with Two Flowers
The Conjurer
Last Supper, Seated Man Left
Last Supper (Shostakovich)
Anatomy Lesson
Dinner Table with Teapot
Asylum with Two Nudes
Asylum Courtyard with White Flower
Asylum with Demagogue
Asylum with Matron
Self Portrait as Skeptic
Three Men in Robes
Landscape with Seated Man
Interior, Two Women on Left
Lovers in the Woods with Cooler
Men Falling out Right (small)
Dumb Show
The Neighborhood, The Street
The Neighborhood with Three Men
Back Streets
House and Moon
An Impropriety
Terrible Things Happen to Good People
Man on Floor, Woman Looking On
Clothed in Illusions