Larson Studio and Gallery

David Larson - A Retrospective

The following works were on display in 2009 at the Larson Studio and Gallery in Penobscot, Maine as part of David's 2009 Retrospective. They are listed roughly in chronological order, not in the order they were displayed in the Gallery.

Tree of Life
Mutations of War

The Comedian
Family Picnic
The Lesson
Dog Dance
The Magistrate
Large Lady in Black
Pregnant Ada on Couch
Georgie Porgie
A Daddy Dream
Bathers: To Georgione, to Cezanne, to Manet
The Rowers
Open Boat
Last Supper, Red Head
Last Supper with Two Flowers
Last Supper with Dog
Last Supper, Seated Figure Left
Last Supper (Shostakovich)
Bless the Fish
The Cage
Dinner Table with Teapot
Asylum Banquet (verticle)
Asylum with Two Nudes
Asylum with Demagogue
Asylum with Matron
Renaissance Garden Party
Self Portrait as Skeptic
The Director
Dancing Clown
Three Men in Robes
The Balcony
Figure in Garden Niche
Dark Garden with Rock Thrower
Gardener with Shears
Bemused Woman
Landscape with Broken Trees
Landscape with Seated Man
Empty Room
Man at Window
Four Figures, One in Baseball Cap
Woman and Child Through Window
Man and Woman, Seated at Table, Surrounded by Experience
Lovers in the Woods with Cooler
Family Picnic with Cooler
Landscape with Dead Tree
Flowers in a French Vase
Men Falling out Right (small)
Man in Suit Dancing (large)
Violation without a Name
Dumb Show
Dumb Show with Two Children
Elderly Couple
The Neighborhood, the Street
The New Neighbor
The Neighborhood with Three Men
Back Streets
House and Moon
House with Three Floors and Nude
Woman with Watering Can
Sight Seekers
Terrible Things Happen to Good People
Man on Floor, Woman Looking On
Clothed in Illusions
Moon and Four Gentlemen
Sculpture, late 1950's through late 1980's
Twisting Figure
Female Torso
Nude Seated by a Tree
Large Standing Nude
Head with Long Nose
Bulbous Head
Bird Woman
Flat Head
Donkey Head