Drawings from Life

Below is a small sample of David's drawings from live models, a practice he did throughout his career. David used to say that for him drawing from life was the equivalent of a pianist practicing his scales, it kept "his eye in his hand" and his technique sharp. While some of the drawings below are quick sketches, others are more elaborate and he obviously had more ambitious goals in mind with them.





Young woman pregnant

Pregnant Ada on Couch

Pregnant Ada on couch

Ada pregnant

Woman at Dining Room Table

Woman at dining room table

Jeanine in chair

Ada study back

Ada study, back

Ada Study
Ada study  
Woman with throw
Woman on couch

Woman on couch, leg raised

Woman Relaxed

Woman relaxed

Woman seated on couch

Woman seated on couch

Woman with Arms Crossed

Woman with arms crossed

Woman outlined
Woman outlined  
Large portrait of Bonnie

Jeanine, hands in front

Woman with hat

Woman with hat

Woman in robe


Portrait of a Young Lady